Farm Art


 It's not all about the work.  One of the pleasures of having a farm is enjoying the aesthetic qualities of it.  Most farms, if they've been around awhile, have old pieces of metal, fencing and equipment sitting around collecting rust. Sometimes they're buried in the soil and eventually work their way up tot the top; or you run into them with your tiller.  We collect all of them and later turn them intoFARM ART.  Farm art can be as simple as nailing old pieces of metal, hub caps or license plates to the side of your barn.  Pictured are a couple of other ideas - wind old barbed wire  into a wreath or around something else.  The one pictured left is finished off with poison ivy vine.  Or make an iron mobile.  This one uses old wheels, a tiller blade, an old chain and hook and some other unidentifiable metal pieces.  Instead of filling up the landfill, recycle your junk into FARM ART.